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Glenaffric is a small kennel based in Berkshire, UK and is owned by Kirsty and Fred Hoare. Although Kirsty has owned Scotties since 1988, our kennel name was first registered in 1998 with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.  2003 saw a new venture for us with a move from South Africa to the United Kingdom. Our kennel name is now also registered with the British Kennel Club.

We got our first Rhodesian Ridgeback in 1999 and had some success in South Africa. Since our move to the United Kingdom we have decided to no longer breed these lovely dogs.

We choose our kennel name to reflect both the Scottish and African connections of our dogs, at the same time as reminding us of the beautiful Glen Affric valley in Scotland.

We are members of the Scottish Terrier Breeders and Exhibitors Association (UK), the Scottish Terrier club (England), and  the Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association (UK).